Friday, January 20, 2017

Bernard Grua and your inventory

Bernard Grua & the inventory vision

Bernard Grua considers and strongly believes that besides legal or accounting compulsions, proper physical inventory can become a powerful management tool to bring value to the enterprise.

Scanning Bernard Grua
Most organizations which decide, with Bernard Grua & Best Inventory, to focus on this process found spectacular benefits in improving accuracy of inventory on hand, optimizing automatic replenishment to serve customer demand timely and increasing sales trun-over, monitoring mark-down, as well as maximizing stock rotation and thus bringing additional cash flow for the business.

Moreover, all these organizations took large advantages from Bernard Grua's recommendations issued from its work on the field and from its permanent researches for discrepancy explanations. Thanks to these recommendations, they could secure and improve their supply-chain from the bottom until the top of it.

Bernard Grua and the inventory Mission

Realize high-quality physical inventories, strive for customer satisfaction and recurrent inventories.

  • Work consistently with an audit trail across various processes:
  • Written procedures, documentation of evidences of work flow performed
  • Cross-referencing of data collected
  • Segregation of tasks and cross-checks
  • Add value through a business-oriented comprehensive approach
  • Use reliable hardware/software
  • Promote client partnerships during physical inventories
  • Consider volume as a fact, value as a goal
  • Communicate immediately on issues with customers during the inventory process
  • Helps clients to maximize turn-over through a fine automatic replenishment, thanks to an immediate and accurate computer-inventory update.

Bernard Grua's inventory Commitment

Owning the only French inventory service company implementing methods uses by the major Anglo-Saxon financial audit firms, Bernard Grua strives in addition, to continuously improve its processes and tools to bring more value to its customers.
Bernard Grua & Best Inventory services range from assistance in physical inventory process organization to turnkey inventory counts or customized and partnered solutions.
They determine the relevant approach fulfilling clients need, valuing their opportunities and fitting their business environment requirements.

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