Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Why did Bernard Grua decide to create Best Inventory Company

While being a financial auditor, I could notice that physical inventory sphere was an unexplored productivity area.
Companies were not used to perform it, as it was a task they performed mostly once a year. It was burdensome, slow, expensive and not accurate.
On the other hand, inventory service companies focused on quantity inventoried without a proper level of control.
When we created Best Inventory, we emphasized on accuracy and completeness while designing new inventory tools.

Inventory Audit trail

As of today, our name means working consistently with an audit trail across various processes:

  • Using written procedures, documentation of work papers
  • Cross-referencing of data collected
  • Segregation of tasks and crosschecks
  • Adding value through a business-oriented comprehensive approach
  • Using reliable hardware/software
  • Promoting client partnerships during physical inventories
  • Considering volume as a fact, value as a goal
  • Communicating immediately on issues with customers during the inventory process
  • Helping clients to maximize turnover through a fine automatic replenishment, thanks to an immediate and accurate computer-inventory update.
  • Improving client supply chain relevance by sharp business oriented recommendations.


Clients Bernard Grua
Our assignements are in: warehouses, factories, stores, shops.

We serve clients in:automotive industry, aeronautics industry, jewellery, leather good manufactures and distributors, beauty product stores and beauty salons, home furniture and decoration outlets, fashion and textile retail chains, luxury food stores...

Bernard Grua

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