Thursday, May 23, 2019

Karakoram Highway, a prototype of the new Silk Roads?

Col de Kunjerab, 4 693 mètres. sur la Karakoram Highway entre le Pakistan et la Chine © Bernard Grua
Chinese border at Kunjerab Pass et 4 693 m

The Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative(BRI), also known as the “New Silk Roads”, is a work in progress that raises many questions. Yet in Pakistan, the Karakoram Highway, commissioned in 1979, may provide some answers. Parallel to the challenged sovereignty of the country, it could be observed, until these last months, a religio-patriotic discourse with a questionable consistency and an expensive open or latent state of war seeming to assure a form of national cohesion. However, this discourse and the state of war increased Pakistan's international isolation and strengthened its dependence on China as well as indirectly laid the roots for potential fractures between the north and the south of the territory.

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Cartes du Pakistan (source: MAE France) et de la Karakoram Highway (source: Wikipedia)
Maps of Pakistan (source: French MFA) and Karakoram Highway (source: Wikipedia)

Thursday, May 16, 2019

What to see and what to do in a short period of time in Hunza

Sommet proche du pic et du glacier de Passu, le matin © Bernard Grua

This short program is intended for travellers who would like to visit Hunza, around the Karakoram Highway, even if they just have a few days. Though it is adapted for families with children, opportunities for photographers will be developed regarding conditions of light, most scenic spots and local people portraying. It is considered you use a personal car. However, the last chapter presents the possibilities offered by public transportation means.

Table of content

  • Immerse yourself in scenic Passu Village
  • Have road breaks at Rakaposhi viewpoints
  • Enjoy worldclass sunset and sunrise at Eagles Nest
  • Relax or do sightseeing in and around Karimabad
  • Stay in high Chapursan Valley at the knot of past empires
  • Go until Kunjerab Pass and China
  • Share Hunza people way of life
  • Monitor costs, transportation and time