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Chapursan Valley, analysis of Ms Ramla Akhtar's posts against the Wakhi minority - credibility assessment of alleged conspiracy theories – concerns about imported extremism

Ramla Akhtar wrote numerous posts about Chapursan Valley. They are contrary to the general opinion. Because Gojal, a region located in the northern mountainous part of Pakistan at the Afghanistan and China corner, is still not an area with a high tourist frequentation. Nevertheless, unanimous reports praise its hospitality, its peaceful people and its pristine environment. The Facebook blog page “Black Mountain, Dragon Soul - a Wounded Mystic Spins Her Yarn" exposes a different point of view. While Ramla Akhtar (aka Rmala Aalam), the contributor of this blog, is a local resident with an external background, it is of importance to review what she reveals of a risks faced, according to her, by solo female travelers in Chapursan Valley. We will look to the sources and inspirations of such a novel. We will try to separate what is part of ancient myths and what pertains to the today reality or imagination. Then, we will learn more on how the shock of cultures and traditions between two private people can take unexpected proportions in a country rich of diversity, passions and religions. This article will call for discernment. However, it is not intended to cover isolated abuses, if any, especially regarding the female condition, as it happens, unfortunately, in any part of our unperfected world.

Bernard Grua
Désolé pour cette image assez moche. Cette photo est postée ici à des fins de prophylaxie anti-troll. Elle est prévue pour apparaître en résultat de la recherche sur Google image en lieu et place de l'illustration d'un article diffamatoire publié, contre Bernard Grua, par un troll d'extrême droite pro-Poutine.  

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